Welcome to our sparkly new website!

Welcome to our sparkly new website!

Posted by: gareth on 08 October 2013

A big hello and welcome to the brand new and very sparkly Pink Diamonds Office Support website.

We were previously a service offered by Cloud46 Limited (my Husband’s IT company) but because it has grown a lot quicker than first expected, Gareth and I decided to rebrand the admin support service and it became Pink Diamonds Office Support in September 2013.

It has been a really exciting journey so far and I am looking forward to what the next chapter as Pink Diamonds has in store.

I know the terms “Virtual Assistant” and “Virtual PA” are still a fairly new concept and sometimes people aren’t quite clear about the role that they can play in a small business. I stumbled upon this quote online and think that it sums up perfectly the benefits that using a Virtual Assistant can bring:  

“Virtual  Assistants  are  the  most  fantastic  invention  ever  –  and  smart  usage  of  them  can completely revolutionise your ability to get things done”. Nigel Botterill, The Entrepreneurs Circle.

Many small business owners that I have met struggle with the balancing act of running a business and actually delivering their services.  This is where a Virtual Assistant could be of value. By outsourcing just a few of your biggest time stealers (e.g. invoicing, quotations or typing up reports for clients) you are then freeing up a regular amount of time that can then be used on income generating tasks such as working more billable hours or networking etc.  

I recently worked out that so far we have worked over 500 hours for our clients, so in effect we have so far saved our clients 71 days' worth of work!   

We are offering a free, no obligation, admin health check to prospective clients, so if you are intrigued about how we could “revolutionise” your business (or you just fancy a cup of tea and a natter in our fabulous new office) then please do get in touch!  

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