How much can you get done in 1 hour?

How much can you get done in 1 hour?

Posted by: suzanne on 31 January 2014

The arrival of 2014 has well and truly been and gone and I have just realised that I have yet to write a Blog post! That will definitely be one of my New Year’s resolutions – setting time aside each week to write a new Blog post! (The tasks that I need to complete for myself always seem to slip down the to do list!)


So 2014 has got off to an exciting start and January has flown by! It has been lovely to welcome two new clients this month and I have also passed my exam to become a Xero Certified Partner.


I will spend more time looking at Xero in a future Blog post but this time I thought it would be useful to take a look at just how much a Virtual Assistant can do in a short space of time! When speaking to prospective clients I often find that they over estimate how much time a task will take and how many hours they will need support for each month. This prompted me to put together a list of tasks that can be completed in 1 hour. You may find that a VA can do things slightly quicker (this is only because we have had lots of practice!). Hopefully this list will highlight how cost effective and efficient outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant could be for your business. 


12 tasks a VA can complete in 1 hour:


  1. Type, format and proofread a 15 minute audio file (industry standards allow 1 hour per 15 minutes of audio)
  2. Create and schedule a week’s worth of social media
  3. Input a month’s worth of account transactions into an Excel spreadsheet / accounts software
  4. Set up a MailChimp account, design a template and import subscribers
  5. Research and write a Blog post
  6. Format a 45 page eBook
  7. Type up inventories for two properties from handwritten notes
  8. Research and book travel and accommodation and create an itinerary for a business trip
  9. Create, format and proofread a PowerPoint presentation
  10. Take part in a Twitter hour on your behalf
  11. Create 6 x process maps from rough drawings
  12. Create and email 5 x invoices / proofread and amend a 6 page Word document / amend and reformat a 5 page CV / chase 10 outstanding invoices and update notes (15 minutes each!)


I hope the above list has pleasantly surprised you! Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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