7 Top Tips for Staying Positive in Business

7 Top Tips for Staying Positive in Business

Posted by: suzanne on 05 March 2014

It is so important to do the things in life that we enjoy and that make us happy. Negativity can have a really detrimental impact upon productivity and when you work for yourself it is vital to keep those unproductive days to a minimum!


A few weeks ago I 4Sighted at 4N Wrexham and shared some tips on how to stay positive during difficult situations. Sometimes life (and business) can throw us some tricky things to deal with, but it is how we cope with these situations that really counts!


I thought I would share these tried and tested (by me!) tips on how to stay positive when things don’t seem to be going your way . . . .


1. Be kind to yourself

I find that I am kind, considerate and understanding with my friends and family but I can be really hard on myself! By not judging yourself as harshly and by being more understanding I guarantee that you will start to feel much better about things. So the next time you are beating yourself up for not doing something look at the reasons why, put it back on the to do list and let it go!


2. Ignore negativity

I don’t know about you, but I seem to forget quite quickly the compliments that I receive but then spend hours dwelling on any form of negativity that has been thrown my way! It took me a while to become good at this one, but it is so important to ignore the negativity that serves no purpose other than to make you feel bad. Most of the time it is the person who has made the negative comment that has the problem and not you! So don’t let negativity spoil your day.


3. Be realistic

We all tend to place unrealistic expectations upon ourselves. Placing more realistic expectations on yourself will enable you to celebrate your achievements on a more regular basis. Rather than write a huge to do list for the whole week, break it down into smaller chunks and write one at the end of each day for the day ahead. Only include the most important tasks for that day and make sure that you tick each one off as you complete them. You will soon find that you are achieving more and fretting less about not getting everything done.


4. Look for positives in difficult situations

Looking for positives in difficult situations can turn them into a learning experience rather than just something that drained your time and energy. A few weeks ago I was travelling to Leicester and had to catch my connection at Crewe Station. This was the day of the severe weather and it did not quite go according to plan. I was just about to catch my connecting train when the roof blew off the station and we had to be evacuated immediately. The station was closed and I had no way of getting home or to my destination. The wind was so dangerous that I couldn’t even walk very far without getting blown off my feet. So I took shelter in the nearest pub and booked myself a room for the night. Luckily I had my suitcase with me so had everything that I needed but I was on my own, the hotel didn’t sell food and I had to cancel my plans in Leicester. It was a rather grim hotel and it was such a waste of my time, but I decided to look for some positives in this situation, which made it all a lot easier to deal with. Rather than panicking about being stuck in Crewe on my own I was really pleased with how well I had coped with the situation – I just got on with it! So I gave myself a pat on the back and now I can laugh at the whole episode, rather than be irritated by it!   


5. Take time out for you

Working for yourself can be very time consuming indeed but it is important to take some time out of each day to get away from it all. This will also give you the opportunity to clear your head. So, get away from the computer for a few minutes and go for a walk, cuddle your cat or play a game on your phone - you will feel much better for it.


6. Smile!

It is a scientific fact (it really is – I checked!) that the physical act of smiling sends signals to your brain and tricks it into thinking that you are feeling happy. Mr Brain will then release some endorphins for good measure and you will begin to feel your mood lifting. So the next time you are having a bad day, try smiling and you may be pleasantly surprised . . .


7. Always be thankful for the little things

If you are having a bad day and not feeling yourself think of the things that do make you happy and be thankful for them. Just thinking about these things will give you a much needed boost. I find looking out of the window at the sunshine or having a cup of tea can take me to a happier place!


Like most things in life, these tips will need to be practised regularly in order to become a habit – they won’t just happen overnight. But once they do start to become a routine part of your life, you should find that your days will be a lot more positive!




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